Saturday, February 07, 2009

The joy of trudge

Well I'm still enjoying work. Which I suppose is to be expected after only a few weeks, but still it is jolly pleasant. Jolly silly, but that's a key part of appeal.

The snow attack was an interesting adventure, it got pretty bad up here. So bad that all public transport stopped running and cars were struggling so most people just didn't go to their jobs. Even with the transport issues I decided that I might as well walk into work, I don't have a net connection at home so I couldn't really work remotely and it didn't seem that far on the map.

Two hours later I arrived. It wasn't that far but trudging through knee-deep snow does slow you down a bit. It was worth the trudge though, because I was one of the few people who made it in. Everyone who actually bothered to make it into work got brought breakfast and then lunch so it was a pretty good day all in. In the evening someone gave me a lift home in their car (the roads had cleared) and so it all worked out rather splendidly.

Years ago when I worked at an awful company I walked into during a transport strike and it earned me serious brownie points and eventually a raise. Ever since I've always taken the view that it's jolly well better to come in rather than stay home.

Of course the choice to stay or go in was made easier because well, I've got nothing to do at home. The capsule wardrobe didn't include many books - well any books really - or a radio, god how I miss radio 4. I can't even listen to it on the internet either, because I don't have a connection. So as you can see a trudge into work was really just the most entertaining way to spend a day.

Apart from the Trugining there isn't much to report, I've got the classic first month-of-work-thing in that I'm as poor as a church mouse - thank goodness for cheap potatoes. After paying a couple of months in advance in rent for a flat and the like I'm broke but it's all part of the change from freelancer into human being. It should have been an easy move because I did some work for a newspaper in January but they have decided to change their payment system and so, well I'm not going to get paid for a few extra weeks what fun eh?

Given that, and another cancelled piece after I wrote it for them, which I won't get paid, I think I'm going to decline the offer of work next time they call. I know it's dangerous to turn down work but it's like a non-functioning relationship you have to say stop otherwise it will never change.

Plus it cuts into my trudging time.

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Olaf Legend said...

the best thing about being unemployed is not having to trudge!