Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Moob pride

I've got norks. Get in.

Yup I've grown man-breasts. I can't wait to tart them about. I'm totally going to let some girl feel them up behind the bike sheds if she buys me a can of cider or some penny chews and tells me I have nice eyes.

I was going to try and just hit at my new norks with perhaps some low-cut t-shirts but that's too classy for me. I'm a man nork slut.

I could justify wearing a bra now, probably. Well, I could justify wearing a bra if they made man bras for pecks. I bet they do on the interspaz but for now I think I'll stay natural and stuff. Operation Hollywood Tits is a success.

Operation six pack is going okay too. In the right light I have one but I need more work before I can become a stand-in for JLS.

I also need to eat less chocolate but I'm addicted to the stuff. Why is that? < SEXIST JOKE > Is that because of the norks? < / SEXIST JOKE>. Either way I just have to have some of the stuff at least once a day.

I would totally flash my man-melons for chocolate.



Clair said...

a) I have always found that picture of Burt Reynolds rather disturbing

b) He wouldn't be seen as sexy if he spelt his name 'Bert'

c) Nork pix, please

Clair said...

Louche said...

a) Yes so do I. Did you know he won't allow it to be printed anymore?

b) What about Berth? or Bort?

c) Perhaps if you get me some sherbert dib dabs and a Panda Cola.